Administrative Support, Outsourcing and Data Services Consulting

There is long-term strategy and there is execution. When it comes to executing your plan, Cambridge Advisory Group’s Administrative Support system assists with tasks such as:

  • Assist and review non-standard benefit calculations for technical and actuarial issues;
  • Data Clean-up;
  • Data Validation;
  • Research and review of all data sources;
  • Reconciliation of data between multiple sources and vendors;
  • Conversion and Consolidation of data;
  • Review of outsourcing relationships with recommendations for improvements;
  • Death Audits;
  • Auditing of benefit calculation systems for accuracy and compliance;
  • Consulting with respect to data analysis, interpretation, and correction;

We work in tandem with your team to ensure that the details are taken care of. Our experts are here to help you with the “behind the scenes” work that can make or break a project.