Account Management and Strategy

For over 20 years, Cambridge Advisory Group has worked in partnership with our clients to plan proactively and always act with the long-term in mind. When we begin a relationship with a new client, we hit the ground running with a stakeholder meeting, where we establish and document specific goals, strategic objectives, and timelines. Together, we create a future and take the first steps to establishing what the organization will look like in 12-18 months, rooted in today’s needs. This meeting sets a baseline and ensures that all parties are aligned with the goals and strategies to be implemented from Day 1.

Throughout the engagement, Cambridge Advisory Group hosts several meetings to provide status updates; progress reports; allow for continuous project re-calibration based on evolving needs and regulatory changes; as well as the ways in which we are collecting and delivering information to you.

Specific services offered include:

  • Creating benefits strategies which reinforce goals around human capital such as recruitment, retention and productivity;
  • Technical expertise and strategic support so that the client can continue to develop, implement, and administer forward thinking program changes;
  • Guidance on emerging financial, administrative, regulatory, and industry considerations;
  • Develop, implement, and help manage needed timelines for decisions around program changes, open enrollment, financial quotations, renewals, and other significant events;
  • Advise the client and act as a liaison in contract negotiations and renewals with vendors including coordination of reporting and overall vendor management issues.

In addition to the services listed above, Cambridge Advisory Group provides its clientele with advice on market and benefit-related business trends, as well. Our team of experts is comprised of actuaries, accountants, clinicians, doctorates in public health, economists and revenue cycle enhancement specialists, and the recommendations we provide are client-driven and unbiased. Given the depth of our experience in working with Fortune 200 companies and small-to-mid-sized firms, we provide tailored recommendations to clients for alternative benefit design or delivery options.